Ames Patriotic Council

We, the citizens of Ames, Iowa, have organized ourselves together for the purpose of creating within the community a greater love of country, promoting true patriotism by patriotic activities on major holidays and in other ways suitable for the occasion.

Memorial Day

Monday, May 29, 2023

Veterans Interred in Ames

May 2021 - May 2022*

Veteran Service Period
Garry Alexander Air Force Vietnam era
Ernest Anderson Army Korea
John Anderson  Air Force ------
Paul Anderson Air Force  
Fred Bagley Marine Corps Cold War
Harlan Baker Navy World War II
Clifton Baldus Army Vietnam
Bernard Beaudry Army Korea
James Birdsell Navy Cold War
Frank Blair Air Force Cold War
David Block Army Vietnam era
Lowell Bond Army Cold War
Robert Borgmeyer Air Force Korea
Robert Buck Army Cold War
Bruce Carroll Army Cold War & Vietnam eras
Gerald Chase Army Cold War & Vietnam eras
Floyd "Chris" Christofferson Navy Korea
Michael Clayberg Army Vietnam
Alan Claytor Navy  
Randy Coats Army Korea
Nevill "Gene" Cox Navy World War II
Peter DeGraff Marine Corps


Harold Dilts Navy Reserves; Army Korea & Cold War eras
William Driscoll IA National Guard Cold War
John Eitel Marine Corps Cold War
Kenneth Elvik Army Korea era
Jack Frandsen Army Korea
Charles Frederiksen Air Force Korea era
Charles Gilbert Navy  Korea
Charles Glotfelty Army Cold War
Kenneth Gookin Air Force Korea
Haroldean Gorman Navy-WAVES World War II
David Gradwohl Army Cold War
Cary Grant Navy ------
Harold Hall Army Cold War
Robert Hanson Marine Corps Cold War
Neil Harl Army Cold War
Steven Hayes IA National Guard Vietnam era
Leon Henning Navy Vietnam
Larry Hiatt Navy Cold War
Thomas Hinders Army Korea
Eldon Hoeper Army Cold War
Kenneth Hook Air Force Cold War
Donald Hotchkiss Air Force Korea
Arling Isvik Army Korea
Robert Jensen Army Reserves Vietnam era
Thomas Johnson Navy  Korea era
Max Jones Navy Vietnam era
Jonathan Katz Navy Vietnam era
Dallas Kibbe Navy Cold War
Maurice "Jens" Klatt Navy World War II
William "Bill" LaGrange Air Force Cold War
Stanley Lahm Army Korea
Donald Long Air Force Cold War
Adrian Lucas Marine Corps World War II era
Richard LujanSr. Army  
William Lundquist Army Cold War
Gilbert Marten Army World War II
Billy McCall Navy Korea
Donald McLean Navy World War II
Lee McMillen Navy Reserves Cold War
Howard McPhail Army Korea
Michael Means Army Vietnam era
Kevin Miller Army  
Robert Miller Army Cold War
Edward Moore Nat'l Guard Reserves Cold War
Marvin Onnen Army ------
Arthur Clayton Ostlund Army World War II
Dennis Owings Army Vietnam
Randy Page ------ ------
Robert Parker Navy Vietnam era
Rodney Place Army Reserves Vietnam era
Walter Redling Army Korea
David Rients Navy ------
Marvin Roe Air Force ------
Gerald Schaudt Army Korea
George Sellers Air Force Cold War
Donald Shappell Army ------
Sterling Shreve Air Force Korea
Myron "Mike" Smuch Navy Cold War
Gerald Solbeck Army Cold War
Charles Sondrol Navy World War II
Edward Sorenson Army Cold War
Larry Spear Army Cold War
Duane Stein Army Korea
William  Sudderberg Air Force Cold War
Kevin Tehan Army Cold War
William Terry Army War on Terror
Daryl Thomason Army Cold War
Junior Thrasher Navy Korea
Carl Tipton Navy Korea
Jon Tollefson Army Vietnam era
Thomas Toth Army Korea
Maxel Townsend Air Force ------
Paul Trauger Navy Vietnam
Donald Van Sickle, Jr. IA National Guard Cold War
David Waggoner, Sr. Navy Korea
John Walker Army National Guard Cold War
Russell Walker Army Korea
Wm. John Weiss, Jr. Army  Vietnam
Ronald Wren Army  Korea

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